harriet horobin-worley

creative software engineer and artist

DIY Server Zine

as part of my residency with Container Magazine and Control Shift, I built my own little simple web server to host my own websites. It runs on a Raspberry Pi and uses an Apache server.

even though I'd been a software engineer for quite a few years, I didn't know much about what setting up a server on my own might entail.

I've collated the basic steps that I found helpful here because I couldn't find one resource that had everything I needed - it's cobbled together from different sources and I hope to expand on it so that it's not just a step-by-step guide, but also an explainer for people who might not know all the lingo used.

so, if you've every wanted to build your own server on a raspberry pi, check out this instruction guide! Available in a regular PDF or one that you can print and fold up:

--- regular PDF ---

--- printable PDF (A4 halfsize booklet) ---